if evidence exists, we will find it.

Digital Forensics is a nationally recognized High Technology Forensic Investigations and Information System Security firm which serves corporate, legal and government clientele. We can work with any Apple, Linux, or PC machine.

We are headquartered in San Diego, CA and immediately serve the Eastern, Central and Southern California areas as well as Southern Nevada and Arizona. Additionally, DFI has an outstanding U.S. and International network of professional experts.

Digital Forensics is unique amongst industry professionals in that our staff combines extensive legal, law enforcement, and national security service expertise with high-level electrical engineering and computer science training and certifications. This unique pairing of legal, technological and investigative talent ensures that our clientele receive unparalleled service and support. Additionally, Digital Forensics embraces the latest computer forensic and information system security technology combined with strategic partnering arrangements to ensure our client’s needs are satisfied in the most expeditious, secure and cost effective manner