Digital Forensics is dedicated to providing hands-on front line professional education which is designed to assist in preventing, detecting and resolving high technology crime issues within your organization.

Digital Forensics provides the following training programs, underwritten by the National Law Enforcement Training Institute (NLETI), for our Corporate, Legal, Government and selected Private Industry clients:

  • Information System Forensics (Advanced) (120 hours)
  • Information System Forensics (Intermediate) (90 hours)
  • Information System Forensic (Basic) (60 hours)
  • Information System Investigation (30 hours)
  • Information System Forensics (Legal Community)
  • Information System Forensic Tools In Digital Discovery (Legal Community)
  • Information System Forensics In Support Of Human Resource Professionals
  • A First Responders Guide to Electronic Crime Scene Investigation
  • Searching and Seizing Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations
  • Information System Security Incident Response Plan Development